FBI Continues to waste Taxpayer Money

Today when I tried to login to Full Tilt Poker to play some on-line poker, I was greeted with this little love note from the good folks at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  It seems these shameless enforcers have nothing better to do than to harass a legitimate on-line gaming site and all the millions of game-playing customers.   Why?  Surely this is not what the taxpayers money is being spent on???   Wouldn’t that time and money be better spent on trying to snuff out terrorists, or God forbid track down Osama Bin Laden for fucks sake…  The FBI sucks worse than my ex, and not in a good way. 

-So now you know,

Stone Cold Skip Hoodwink

Of all of the divisions within the government of the United States, the division which has the greatest ability to abuse it’s power for the purpose of covertly destroying first amendment freedom is that which deals with domestic criminal intelligence and policing, namely the FBI.

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